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                                            1           INITIATION OF THE CAMPAIGN

                                                        Taking Up the Fitness Challenge

                                           2             WIDESPREAD SUPPORT FROM LUMINARIES

                                                         Promoting a #FitIndia

                                           3            POPULAR PARTICIPATION

                                                        A Mass Movement for a Healthy India

                                           4            PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES CONTRIBUTING TO THE MOVEMENT

                                                        Fit Hain Toh Hit Hain

                                           5            INSPIRATIONAL MOMENTS FROM THE CAMPAIGN

                                                        Fitness at Every Age

                                           6            POPULAR BUZZ

                                                        Hum Fit Toh India Fit Goes Viral

                                           7            DATA AND STATISTICS OF THE CAMPAIGN

                                                        Some Facts and Figures

                                           8            SUMMARY

                                                        When Fitness Challenge took over the country
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